Cheap camping gear? I don't think so

I came across an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week called "Natural choice for tough times".  Full article can be found here

One sentence jumped out at me in this article and it was ''For less than $100 you can get a tent, a sleeping bag and a mat that you can then use for years".       

I would like to know where the author shops for his camping gear because I know quality costs (incidentally, the picture of the author that accompanies the article shows him outside a Black Wolf Tent - and that is definitely not under $100).

A good tent is an investment and its going to cost a little more than $100.    Likewise, sleeping mats and sleeping bags need to be of a good quality.    Skimp on these basics, and you might have a miserable time ahead of you should the weather become inclement. 

Of course, everyone needs to start somewhere with their camping gear....and not for a minute, am I suggesting you go and buy the very best on the market, but when it comes to the basics - tent, sleeping bag and mats - cheaper items might just fail you when you need them most.

Happy Camping