Scrubba Washing Bag keeps you from being a stinky camper

The Scrubba Portable Washing Machine

scrubba for camping


Now no more excuses for wearing the same pair of jocks/undies/boxers for a week!   

Or those socks which can clear out a campsite with the aroma they produce.   

And those shirts which draw your sweat away from you – they can only take so much!

We first brought this story to your attention way back in March 2012!  

The Scrubba wasn't even released in Australia back then......Seems like a lifetime ago now, when our blog was just starting out.

But this is a gadget that has continued to grow in popularity and last the distance in terms of not being a gimmick but a successful product.

If you missed knowing about the Scrubba first time around, here it is again.....

Too heavy”   I hear you smelly beasts cry out.     Wrong.   It weighs in at 180g (6.35oz) which is nothing. 
I don’t smell”   You protest.    Wrong.   Many a hiker/camper has a certain aroma after a day or two using the same shirt over and over again.  Gross.

Designed by Ashley Newland when preparing for a climb to Mt Kilimanjaro it works like this:

  • You add 2-3 litres of water, plus some liquid cleaning agent (eg.shampoo, detergent) and your clothes into the bag.      With a capacity to wash t-shirts, sock and undies all at once, it allows you to add quite a bit of clothing.
  • Expel the air
  • Rub the clothing inside the bag (which has a flexible washboard in it – and the washboards have been around since FOREVER!).  This can take from 30-40 seconds for simple grime removal or up to 3 minutes for higher quality cleaning.
  • Take out clothes and dry

(Note:   If using outdoors, near natural resources, please ensure you dispose of your greywater thoughtfully and appropriately for the environment).

A simple concept, but an effective one!    For anyone who travels, and worries about space (and cleanliness) this might be a simple solution for you to try!

Where can you get this from (and find out all the finer details):

Cost:  $64.95

See the latest YouTube video for it here, with the clever tagline of the "only washing machine you will want to carry up a mountain".

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  1. Haha! That's GREAT!! It'd be even better if you could wear it like a backpack so it did the washing while you were setting up camp!! Happy to road test it for you ...

    1. Maybe you are onto the next great Camping Gadget of the Week - a wearable washing machine? Copyright that idea now!

  2. Yes! It looks like a very cool idea. I joke with some old friends about a trip we did up in Alaska where we were out for 3 weeks, 10 of it in a dark river canyon. It was dubbed "10 days stinky, hairy guys". It looks like this might solve our problem for the next trip. Although, when there is snow on the ground, drying gear is a little more challenging.

  3. ahahaha, that looks like a great idea. i will try in the next trip. thank you :)