Cocoon Tent

What is with the obsession with tents that hang from somewhere?

Go Camping Australia gadget of week
In last week's Gadget of the Week, we had the Tentsile which is a tent that you and your pet monkey string up to the nearest available 3 trees.

And now, I find another tent (or the phrase given to it is emergency outdoor survival shelter)  called the  "Cocoon".

 It is a big hammock that is shaped like a drop of water, and you attach it to the nearest tree and climb in.   It will keep you safe from animals, conditions on the ground and the elements!  

Once again, nice concept but the same questions I had about the Tentsile apply here.     To keep yourself safe from some predator, you are going to need to hoist yourself up nice and high.  How you do that, and how you get down from that height remains a mystery.

Despite all these wonderful new shelters that are emerging, when it comes to camping, I think I will stick with one of the many tents that we already own - all of which do not require a ladder to get into them.

What do you think of this shelter?    Hit or Miss?