Best campfire explosions

What are you doing sitting at your computer inside a comfortable building with food and toilets nearby?

You should be camping.   

Note:  There was once a video here which made this story have some sort of meaning and relevance.   But the video has unfortunately been disabled, so rather than have a dud link to it, I have removed it from this page.

I have kept this page here regardless, because I hope that you will take the time to see all the other stories on our blog!!

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. You're right, we should be camping.

    We're just at home making sure we don't invite any of the folks in the video along to our next camping trip.

    For the record, I reckon I've seen all of the things whilst camping, even the rash on the face.

    Thanks for posting the video.

    Allan McDonald
    @ EQUIpnTRIP

  2. Some of the people in this video are certainly "unique".

    I think we too have seen many of the camping topics they touched on in this video EXCEPT the rash on the face! I never even knew that sort of thing happened!! I don't even know what possesses someone to do that do someone else!!!!

  3. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me

    1. High School Diploma - thank you so much for your lovely comment. Glad you enjoyed what you saw!