Campervan for sale

Do you have a spare three million dollars?   

 If you answered yes, then do we have the campervan for you.

Go Camping Australia blog

Go Camping Australia blog campervan

This campervan is the eleMMent Palazzo Mobile Home manufactured by Austrian firm Marchi Mobile.

 What do you get for your 3 million dollars?   The list includes:

  • 40 foot long/12.1m van 
  •   fully automatic liftable flybridge Skylounge
  •  Slideout area with bar giving 80% more room
  • Underfloor heating
  •  40-inch TV
  • an en suite bathroom off the master bedroom
  • rainfall shower
  • separate toilet
  •  driver's cab complete with bunk bed.
Go Camping Australia blog campervan

Reading about this vehicle I came across this amusing quote by Marchi Mobile:

“Park in front of your favorite restaurant and monitor your van via an additional control unit. Remote video access allows you to show your friends the exterior and interior and also permits to pre-set the lighting and temperature for your return to the vehicle.”

 Because everyone wants to park an enormous campervan outside of a restaurant. 

Like campfires? 

Not a problem with this vehicle.  It comes with its own working fireplace.

Go Camping Australia blog campervan
Lounge area
Go Camping Australia blog campervan
Drivers area - leather seats naturally

And if its dark outside and you have wandered away from this vehicle, you will be able to get back there safely, as it has glow in the dark paint on the exterior! 

Go Camping Australia blog campervan
Glowing vehicle

Go Camping Australia blog campervan
Skylounge and automatic gangway

So, if you are planning to take glamping to a whole new level, this is the vehicle for you.    

All photo credits:  Marchi Mobile


  1. Unbelievable! Love it. Where do you find some of these funny camping stories? Very entertaining blog... This van is certainly worth saving for!

  2. That's HILARIOUS!!! Although I don't think it's meant to be ... SO glad most of the people I meet on the road couldn't afford this monstrosity - although I'd LOVE to see it just once, all lit up outside a fancy urban restaurant!!!

  3. Thanks for comments Sa and Red Nomad - The company is aiming for rockstars and formula 1 drivers - and I feel fairly confident in saying this but - we are not their target audience! I too would love to see it all glowing in the dark outside a restaurant, blocking the road and causing traffic and parking chaos!