How many camping checklists are in the world?

A while ago someone said to me   "You should have a camping checklist on your site".  

So I did some homework (using the Google search engine, so not that scientific or tricky) and this is what was discovered:

919,000 results for "Camping Checklists
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710,000 results for "Camping Checklist"  (making it singular, lost 200,000 results)

96,000 results for "Camping Checklist app"

401,000 results for "Camping Checklist Essentials"

112,000 results for "Camping Checklist Australia"

and this is the impressive figure........

24,900,000 results for "Best Camping Checklist app"

And that is why on our website you won't find a camping checklist.   The volume of lists out there in cyberspace is overwhelming.    And everyone has the 'best checklist' or 'ultimate list'. 

It's amazing anyone ever leaves home because they are so busy ticking off their checklists.

Mind you, we DO suggest that you check out this list on the bare necessities of's not a checklist, more helpful hints on some key purchases.   Have we missed something on that list?  Let us know below.


  1. I do agree. Everyone has the best! Good on you for not following the crowd!!! Like a rebel.

  2. ours is clearly the best,,,, wait no yours is... ah well

    1. I better go and check out your list then, seeing it's the best!!

  3. I like it, even though I recently put together a checklist at my site. Your point is well taken and I hope that by the time I find my voice to tell more stories I won't rely on the over published checklist posts. Thanks for keeping it real out in the community.

  4. I agree and like it (y) thank you for your post and sharing :)