A Tale of 2 Stoves - Camping Gadgets of the Week

Cooking is a big deal when you are outdoors.       

After a day hiking, fishing or exploring with the kids, coming back to camp and having something scrumptious is high on our agenda.

So for the Gadget of the Week, we are going plural.    

Yes, it’s TWO gadgets of the week

Both are stoves and they couldn’t be further apart in terms of practicality, size and weight.

For you today we have the Stove in a Can  and the Coleman Outdoor Oven Stove.

Stove in a Can is being marketed as the Ultimate Emergency Cooking Solution
Gadget of the Week

It is a can that with the use of some fuel cells (made of natural and recycled materials) can boil water in 5 minutes.  You set the fuel cell on a ring inside the can, set the cell alight, put the cook top back on, and away you go.
Selling points include that it has indefinite shelf life, and i'ts great for emergency kits.
Gadget of the Week
It is a very easy to use product, nothing fancy or technical about it.  It is as the name describes:-  a can, with fire and and a stove top.

That’s it.   Nothing more to say on that one!!

Then, we have something that is totally different in every way from the simplistic concept just mentioned.    Good luck fitting this one in your backpack.

It is the Coleman Outdoor Oven Stove.
Camping Gadget
It's a propane oven/stove combination, weighing in at 41 pounds or 18.4kg.

The large oven bakes up to a 12" pizza, holds a standard 9" x 13" baking pan and produces 3,000 BTU of raw cooking power”.

With a view-through oven door with thermometer this camping oven is designed for the camper who has everything and wants to act like they are home.
This oven has fully adjustable temperature control, fold-down windscreens  and made of steel, all complete with carry handles so you can carry it around the campsite and impress all fellow campers with your strength and totally inappropriate cooking choice for a back to the bush adventure.

Which one would we choose?

I personally can’t see us using either.    Some more thoughts on the above include:

  • The Stove in a Can is very simplistic and I can see how it might appeal to those who haven’t really investigated a lot of camping stove options, and not aware of the alternatives.       
  • Stove in a Can is a lot more portable than the Coleman Outdoor Stove, which I don’t think is really for campers.   Maybe as a backup for those in caravans, or people who need an oven in their home – but I don’t know of one camper who would take this along with them.    
  • You don’t need a fancy oven to cook a pizza when you are camping (we have cooked them in Dutch ovens or on top of a BBQ plate with a saucepan over the top to help with the toppings cooking).     And a simple 2 burner stove is going to accomplish many of your cooking needs.  

Still wanting cooking options?   Think about MSR products like the Pocket Rocket or MicroRocket, Jetboil range, Honey Stoves, Primus Omnifuel............well, the list is endless.

If you want to have a say on anything above, or just in regards to camping and cooking, we would love to hear your thoughts below.   

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  1. We love the simple 1 burner butane gas stoves that sell for about $15. About $4 for a can of butane that lasts a while. They may be heavy if you are hiking for miles to get to your campsite, but in most situations, they are ideal. We've used ours for many years and its still in perfect condition thanks to the plastic case it pack away in to.

    1. Hi Sandy, Thanks for your comment. I know exactly what you stove you are talking about! They are handy little stoves, I agree. It goes to show that you don't need something big and fancy like the Coleman stove mentioned above to get a great cooking experience. I think its all about finding what works best for you and your camping needs. Pays to do your homework! Cheers!

  2. I use a tiny japanes thing -about 3 ozes SOTO . never fails .

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