5 stages of Holiday Grief

Do you ever feel a bit disillusioned on your return from a holiday? If so, you are not alone. It's called vacation grief.

Coming back from a holiday of any sort, even a camping getaway, is not easy. To get to a destination involves planning, and then the anticipation of the vacation itself and then the enjoyment derived from your holiday.

Just for us to go on a camping trip, that needed prep work has to be done. It's all part of the holiday build up. Steps include:

  • planning and researching the location and camping areas
  • travel routes and timing
  • what camping gear must come with us, and what would we like to bring, space permitting
  • menu planning
  • food shopping
  • children packed their fave and must-have things for the trip
  • pack the car (sometimes a tense experience)

And off we go.

Before you know it, we are back.    No planning involved with that moment. 

Real life and the chores you put off before you went on holiday, are all waiting for you.

Work beckons and its official, your holiday is OVER.

This infographic, taken from buzzfeed.com sums up the feeling of so many of us.   The longer the holiday, the more some of these feelings are magnified on our return to our jobs. We might feel all of these 5 stages, or skip a couple. The best way to get over this grief? Plan your next holiday!

Do you ever feel like this at the end of a break from your every day life?