Aussie bloggers go camping

Blogging about camping and outdoors is not huge in Australia.  In fact, if you want to find an outdoors blog, you need to look hard!     Most of the outdoors blogs I have come across are based in the USA, and in the past, I have shared some US outdoor bloggers stories here.

So now its time to share 2 stories by Australian bloggers – and these blog posts are all about their outdoor adventures.

Resting mountainer

Neither blog is specifically about camping/outdoors.  They cover a wider spectrum.  But what is evident in reading these posts, is the bloggers love for being outdoors with their families.

So if you want to see a different perspective on being outdoors, please check out these 2 links.   

Modern Nomads with Kids (Update:    this site doesn't seem to be available at 19 Feb 2014) show a very comfortable way to sleep in your tent.   Makes my way of camping look quite primitive!!  

Writing Out Loud by Megan, is fearless when it comes to camping!   I admire her love of the outdoors and this particular blog post is about camping with a newborn – something I personally couldn’t contemplate but love that she has done so.

If you know of a blog post about camping and/or outdoors, please let us know the link for that post in the comments section.   We would love to visit that site! Or, just pop over to these 2 posts and share some comment love!