Win an Aeropress coffee maker (now closed)

coffee saves lives just ask my children
Kookaburras are really very noisy birds in the morning!    When we go camping, they always seem to be right above our tents, announcing its time to get up, long before anyone actually wants to!

So, on many a camping trip, I stumble out of bed and head for coffee, because no way with those kookaburras am I going back to sleep.      And I really need coffee to get me going in the morning.    Could have a slight addiction to caffeine!

aeropressOur favourite way to get a good coffee is with the Aeropress – it is the coffee maker that gives me the best tasting brew that doesn’t come from a fancy big Italian coffee machine (not very practical to carry on camping trips).

We never go camping without our Aeropress.     I can’t and won’t drink instant coffee anymore.

We reviewed it last year on our main website, and you can read how it works (and see video) here.

Make sure you check it out, because you will be amazed at how simple it is to use.

And now, we are giving you, our readers, a chance to win your own Aeropress, and get fantastic coffee when you are camping, hiking, on a picnic – or even at home or work!



The prize is


1 Aeropress (valued at $55)

How to enter


Two simple steps.

1. Subscribe to our blog via email (at the top of our blog page you will see the subscription page box or to the right of this page there is another box - either one!)   If you already subscribe, that is great, because should you win, we will already have your email address to contact you.  

You must verify your subscription too!   Email addresses are never disclosed to anyone else.

2. Leave a comment in the section below on why you need a good coffee

Remember, you need to do both of the above steps to be eligible.

How we will judge


Nothing technical for us. We will read all the comments and give it to someone who gives us a great reason on why you need good coffee in your life. You will then be contacted via email and will have 7 days to get back in touch with us!

Prizes will posted to Australian addresses only.    If we don’t hear from you within that time frame, a second winner will be chosen.

Closing date for entries


This competition has now closed.    The winning comment was by Rachel!   
Rachel, please check your email inbox for a note from us.

So, please tell us in the comment section  – why do you need some good coffee in your life?

Happy Camping and Comping.