Why camping is scarier than dating Taylor Swift

If you are going to date the pop star Taylor Swift, you need to be prepared.

camping and taylor swift

Prepared for the public interest in you, plus the inevitable public dumping of you at a later, yet to be determined, date.

But the scary part of it is that you are going to get a song written about you, your shortcomings, and how you are never, ever getting back together.

But camping is way scarier than that public humiliation.  
How did I come to that startling conclusion?   What could be worse than having ex-girlfriend write a ballad about you?

When did camping become scary?

And how can I possibly link these 2 subjects and make this blog post have some sense and credibility?

All excellent questions!   Well, let me show you six reasons why camping is scarier than a date with Taylor Swift.

1.      Wolf Creek (2005)

This movie is about a road trip and a kindly stranger who helps them out when their car won’t start.   You know its not going to end well, and is a lot more ominous that going out with a popstar......Yep, camping in Australia just got seriously scary.

2.   Deliverance (1972)

The beauty of the back country, and 4 friends enjoying the glory of nature.     That’s what being outdoors is all about….that, and squealing like a pig.

3.  The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Do you have a caravan?   Then this one is especially for you.

A family on a road trip has some misfortune which sends them off-road.  And just when they think their luck can’t get worse, they find out the spot of their accident is right where there is a clan of deformed cannibals.    YES!  You read that right - DEFORMED CANNIBALS.     Can caravanning get any better?

Now THAT is just plain bad luck, not bad dating choices with Taylor.

4.   The Blair Witch Project (1999)

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise.

5.   Friday the 13th  (1980)

So many of these movies…I’ve lost count (bit like Taylor Swift boyfriends).

The first movie came out in 1980 and definitely put people off camping!   A slasher film that critics hated, but audiences loved, “Fridays will never be the same again”.

See the trailer from the remake here

6.   Evil Dead (1981)

With a title like that, you know it’s not going to be a Love Story (incidentally, a Taylor song!).    5 friends, in a remote cabin who accidentally summon up demons, means trouble.  Big trouble.

2013 brings us a remake of this classic but I have a strong feeling that camping in cabins won't increase in popularity.

All scary camping movies you may not want to see before you go head outdoors.     But if they don’t make you scared, I hear Taylor is single.