15 amazing Christmas gifts for anyone who loves the outdoors!

It doesn't need to be Christmas to put these different gifts on your list.     Never too late, to stockpile for the next Christmas too!!  

Read on, and find camping gear that you don't want to miss out on seeing.
Now, some of these could be contenders for the most useless pieces of camping equipment you may ever come across, but we will let you decide that!

Hope you find a gift for the camping and outdoors person in your life - no matter what time of the year it is!

Sleeping Bag Onesie

For the cooler months, an Adult Onesie could be the perfect give for the person you love (or dislike).

You can get them here
Onesie for camping


Trailer Hitch Stand Cradle Chair and Chair Combo

The proper title for this is Hammaka 40530-KP Trailer Hitch Stand Cradle Chair & Chair combo.    That is a mouthful to say.

It’s basically 2 swinging chairs that attach to your ute/trailer/RV and hang about.   I am sure they would recommend that you are not driving with it attached, and people hanging around in them.      Good spot to chill out.

You can get it here

cradle chairs to take camping

Giant Swiss Army Knife

This has been around for a while, but may be new to some of you.  A Swiss Army Knife that has a tool for every situation…I think.
It has  87 Implements / 141 Functions.   Should do the job.

wenger_giant_knife for camping

Tent for your dog

For those of you who think your 4-legged friend deserves to camp this Christmas, then pack this item too.

This dog is so unattractive, I wouldn’t be bringing it with me.

Tent for your dog
Designed by GoPetDesign


Walking Shelter

This looks complicated.
I really don’t know how this works, but basically, your shelter/tent is attached to your sneakers  (see that netting on the picture at the top).  Then you undo it from your shoes, and pull it up, and it becomes your tent.       Your body is the frame.   So I think, and don’t quote me on this, but you can’t lie down???

More about it here

Walking-Shelter in your shoes
Camping equipment shelter you wear

Image details and source here

Is it a fork or a cheese grater?  It’s both!

Reduce cutlery when you camp.  This tool is a fork, a spoon and cheese grater all in one!

I understand the fork and spoon being together (a la spork), but cheese grating is not really up there in my top 10 must have pieces of kitchenware in the outdoors.

Camping equipment cutlery
Image details and source here

S’Mores Roasting Rack

We have written about how to make Australian S’Mores before – and if you are still a bit confused on S’Mores, well, you might want to read that story. 
Half the fun of marshmallows over the campfire, is holding them on a stick until they turn all gooey and black.     

But now, for those who can’t be bothered to indulge in that tradition, and want to cook S’Mores en masse, you have this grill.

Camping equipment for cooking Smores
Image details and source here

Marshmallow MForcer

Keeping with the theme of marshmallows, we present the Marshmallow MForcer.

A pump powered weapon that fires up to 15 marshmallows at anyone you don’t like around the campsite.
Good news is that it only takes the small marshmallows, so a smaller mess!

Kids will love this way to use marshmallows.

Marshmallow gun camping equipment
Image details and source  here


Campfire lamp

In summer you can’t have a campfire.    Problem solved  - sit around this lamp, and pretend you can roast marshmallows and get warm!

way to light up the campsite
Image details and source here

Sausage Roasting Sticks

Forgot your BBQ on your camping trip?   Then don’t freak out.    Cook your sausages/hot dogs with this device over an open campfire
Official name is Curly Dog Roasting Sticks.     I like Sausage Roasting Sticks better!

Camping equipment to roast sausages
Image details and source here

Campfire Cologne

And for those of you who long for the smell of a campfire, but can’t actually go camping (or have a fire for that matter), your nose will appreciate this cologne!      Its not a spray, but really little sticks that you light with a match, and create the smell of a campfire.

I think I know what you are thinking right now after reading this concept!

Campfire cologne camping equipment
Image details and source here

Campfire Fishing Rod

If you liked the Sausage Roaster, you might like this.   Might.      But it does more than sausages!  It cooks your marshmallows too (yes, I realise that marshmallows feature strongly in this blog post!

 I had no idea when I started that there were so many ways to roast or use these fluffy lollies).

Way to roast marshmallows and sausages
Image source and details here

Kingpin Chair

Want to show everyone who is king or queen at your campsite?

Then wow your subjects when you pull out this chair to relax in.

camping chair you might need

Image details and source here

Log Pillow

Rest your weary head in your comfortable caravan, and pretend you are roughing it.

Log-Pillow for christmas camping gift
Image source and details here


Shaped Air Mattress

Send the snorers to the car.  At least they will get a better night sleep in the backseat with this.

christmas camping gift
Image source and details here

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