Caravan cubbies for little campers

Are you and the family wanting to go camping, but you can’t because of little things like, work, school and a whole bunch  of other commitments?    

We don’t get away nearly as much as we would like lately,  because there always seems to be something that keeps us at home.   

If that sounds familiar, a company, here in Melbourne,  has come up with a fun alternative for the children (and you!).  

Caravan Cubbies for little campers

A cubby house caravan.  


Caravan Cubbies for children

The company who makes these eye-catching cubbies,  is called Caravan Cubbies and they specialise in cubbies based on the tear-drop style of caravan that was very popular in the 1930s and 1940s, which are experiencing a worldwide surge in popularity once more.

And another feature which is worth thinking about – all made here in Australia.

Now your children can use their imagination, in the outdoors, but safety of your own backyard, to pretend they are camping all year round!     

Caravan furniture for kids
Furniture sold separately

Caravan Cubbies
(All photos are from the Caravan Cubbies website and used with permission.)

You can get full details (including pricing, delivery, and assembly) of these adorable cubbies at

The cubby may prove to be so popular with the children, you may not get them inside the house (which isn’t a bad thing is it?).