Sleeping bag for dogs – no more sleeping in the ruff!

A dog.

Man’s best friend.  Loyal companion.  Camper.

Yes, camper.

With the invention of the BarkerBag, your dog will no longer suffer the indignity of just a blanket to keep him warm when camping.

Now he can have his own little sleeping bag – attached to your sleeping bag.

sleeping bag dog
Via Kickstarter, the BarkerBag allows your pooch to be safely ensconced in their own sleeping bag, with a cinched collar so safely tucked near you,  and not able to go wandering around the tent or campsite at night.

The sleeping bag attachment zips together with your sleeping bag zip, and can also be attached between 2 human sleeping bags!

No word on when there will be a sleeping bag for your cat, or for us, we need one for a budgie.

Check out the video below to know more about Barker - the inspiration behind this bag (and more information available via Kickstarter)

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