Flamping – it’s flying and camping and not just for a Kardashian



Not your everyday terminology when you think about camping is it?     Not sure what it’s all about? 
You are not alone.   

Plenty of people wouldn’t know that it’s a term being used to describe the combination of flying and camping  (a bit like glamorous camping = glamping).        Not sure if flamping is a term that will take off (bad pun, couldn’t help myself).

Unless you are a Kardashian or mega wealthy camper, you probably won’t fly to your next camping location, so how does it work?

British company, XploreAir has created a bike, that can fly, but has a built in tent!    It is called the Paravelo and can fly at up to 4000 feet, and go at the speed of around 40kph. 

flying bike

It works with  an integrated backpack which releases a para-wing, using a two-stroke gasoline engine to power the craft’s three-bladed carbon fiber propeller.   So, its like a bike, pulling a long a trailer with a big fan.

Not only is it a way to beat the traffic, but now you can fly up to 3 hours to your destination, and go camping!

flying bike tent
The tent that comes with the bike

The Paravelo is not yet out on the market, but if you interested in flamping, then you can read all the details at XploreAir or watch a demo in the video below.

How practical is it?

Safety concerns? 

All of that would need to be looked at, but good on the creative team for their ingenuity.  I won’t be flamping any time in the near future, but it is a worthy addition to our camping gadget collection!

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