10 Camping Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again.

The time where people run around crazily, attempting to find the perfect gift for a loved one.   And whilst many of us, vow every year, that we won’t get caught up in the frenzy of buying, somehow, we all end up doing it again.

If you are pondering what to get for the outdoorsy person in your life, then you might need a few ideas. 

Just for you, we have scoured the internet to find a range of not-so-average Christmas gifts.

Some come from overseas, so if you interested, you better start purchasing soon in order to get them before the 25th.  

See latest Christmas gifts for 2017 right here!

But wait, here are 15  more  Outdoor Gifts (click here to see) 

Here are the rest..........

For the camper who loves dogs

dog camping

Looking for a portable, packable dog run, that will keep your pooch safe from harm and not bothering other campers?

Then the K9-Sky Trak  provides dynamic resistance so your dog doesn’t get hurt when it reaches the end of the leash, running at high speed.

More information and purchase details via Amazon

For the camper who loves a cold drink


Who wants a warm beer?  

Or a room temperature Coke?   


And that is why the Spin Chill was invented.   This is for campers who want that drink which they forgot to chill, and who are not prepared to sit for a long time as it cools down in the ice, and wait and wait for it to be cold enough to consume.

How does it work?   It involves convection, heat transfer and lots of complicated stuff that I should have paid more attention to at school, but I didn’t.   For those of you who want to read how it all works, then head to Spin Chill and they explain it far better than I.

Cost:  US29.99

More information and shipping costs at Spin Chill

For the camper who loves ultra light gear


We have previously sung the praises of the Helinox Chair One (read the review here) and we think the matching table would be a perfect accompaniment to it!

Whilst we have hiked with the chairs, the table just might be a bit too much for our hikes, but if you are needing to save space, then this table could come in very  handy.
Price:  $116

More information and purchase details at Helinox Australia

For the camper who loves to see well at night

zebra light

The range of headlamps by Zebra is huge, but these little lights pack a punch.

They are reliable and light up your campsite, and last a long time.    Anyone who has camped, will know the importance of good lighting.  If someone is about to start camping, then get them good gear.

If you want to see around the campsite at night, hands-free, then this is one little headlamp worth giving!

Prices starting from $69, with free shipping.

More information and purchase details at Zebra Light

For the glamper

camping jacuzzi

If someone wants luxury and has a lot of access to water, then this portable hot tub might be the gift to receive (if you are giving the gift, then you will need plenty of money).

Glamping gets serious with this Jacuzzi.

Priced at $550 without the heater (that will set you back an additional $625).   Ouch!

More information and purchase details at Nomad

For the camper who can’t cook


Not everyone can cook up a gourmet meal without a full kitchen and sometimes, you just don’t want to.

If you have hiked into a campsite, chances are you are a knackered and just want to relax (I know this from experience).   That’s when backpacker meals in bags come in handy.      

Might not sound like a traditional gift but food is a great way to any man or woman’s heart, and anyone who has done some long walks will appreciate an easy meal option!

Priced from $10.95 each

More information and purchase details at Happy Camper Gourmet

For the camper who loves a good coffee


This coffee maker didn’t make our recent top 10 ways to get a good coffee when outdoors, but its not too late to add to that list, or to add to your wish list.

The MiniPresso allows you to get that much needed coffee via pump extraction, and whilst you won’t be able to put this machine under the tree in 2014, its shipping in early 2015.

Priced from US$39 plus shipping.

More information and how you can get one in 2015

For the camper who wants a kitchen



If you are looking for all-in-one solution to your cooking needs when camping, the Grub Hub is an option – set up in 3 minutes, with your own little camp kitchen (with storage, lighting options, and sink!). 

Designed for those who want to have everything they need all in one are and folds up in to one portable like suitcase, the Grub Hub ships from the USA and sells for US$299 plus shipping.

More information and to find out if you can get it shipped, at Grub Hub

For the camper who wants camp in style



Tired of the average tent, that has no “wow” factor’'?
Looking to make sure you give  a very pretty (yet practical and reliable) tent to the keen camper in your life?

Then you need a Field Candy tent.

With a range of designs that will appeal to everyone, these tents are like little works of art.

Prices vary depending on tent design, but the range is large and gorgeous!

More information and pricing can be found at Field Candy

fancy tents



For the camper who loves cooking over a campfire


Cooking on a stick over the campfire is so much fun, until the food falls off the stick and into the fire.     And then it’s not so fun.
These Shish Kebab baskets are designed to keep the food all in little baskets instead of on the stick.  

If someone in your life finds cooking on a stick challenging, then this could be for them!

Further reading on cooking with a stick over a fire can be found here

Prices start from $21 for a set of 4 baskets.

More information and pricing and delivery can be found here


These 10 gifts just proves the fact that everyone camps differently and has different needs.
There really is a gadget, a piece of camping gear for everyone it seems – just up to you to work out what you need to make time outdoors a better experience.

Still bewildered about buying that outdoorsy Christmas pressie?   These words from the Grinch might help ease a little bit of the stress….

grinch quotes

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