How to save space when camping? With Collapsible camping gear of course!!

collapsible camping gear

Saving space on a family camping trip can be tricky.

Do you ever wonder, as you gaze around everything that needs to fit in the car, how are you going to do it?

On longer car camping trips, the boot of the car is like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, with every box packed precisely, and every gap utilised. 

This dilemma to save space is universal in the camping world.   So much so, that inventors are trying to work out how to save space and the idea is collapsible camping.      

Gear that folds down, shrinks, collapses, making room for more gear.      

We all know that tents, chairs, tables and camp kitchens collapse into smaller, more manageable, easier to pack items.

That’s nothing new.

But what else could we collapse or fold down on our camping trips?

Collapsible Silicone Kettle


camping gear space saving idea

This kettle flattens down to 65mm in height which means an awkward shape in your food utensil space becomes less of a problem.  Silicone products are everywhere now, and silicone rubber is BPA-free and its heat-resistant flexibility, means that getting a brew when camping, got easier and smaller.

Boils 1.5L of water, so enough for a few cups of tea or coffee.

See a similar kettle at Cotswold Outdoors for $55 (ships to Australia for $9)

Pop Up Grill


pop up grill

Now your camping stove can pop up, and you have a grill ready to go.  This award winning design allows you to save space, until you need to fill it with briquettes or even place over a campfire.

pop up grill

Availability via PopUpGrill

Collapsible camper


camper that pops open

So you have all the collapsible camping gear, but now what to put it in?

Try the collapsible camper.

Not talking about your typical camping vehicle that has parts that pop up, but a camper that has collapsible concertina sides, giving you 3 areas/2 rooms when fully open.    Designed by Eduard Bohtlingk, this might not be such a thing of the future.

pop up camper

Availability:  Not yet!

Collapsible colander


camping gear that collapses


You might not use it a lot when camping, but you sure do miss it, if and when you actually need it and it’s not in your food utensil box.

If not at your Woolworths, Fishpond sell a variety of them, with free shipping.

Collapsible glasses

camping gear space saver

If you are prone to breaking your glassware before you get to camp, then this might be for you.    No more breakages with silicone glassware that squashes down flat!   Not really collapsible, just squashable.

Availability via Ebay

Collapsible bucket

camping gear that collapses

We often need a bucket for transporting water around the campsite, getting washing up water is one big thing we need it for.    We haven’t tried this one, but would save room (and might be easier that what we have used: the foldable bucket by Sea to Summit).

Bucket via Snowys

collapsible camping gear

Foldable Sea to Summit Bucket - see cost and availability at Wild Earth

Washing Up Tub

camping gear space saving

The washing up tub is one thing I rate as an essential when camping.  So many uses apart from washing up the dishes!     We use a plastic one from a variety store, but maybe its time to think collapsible?

Tub via Snowys

Collapsible Salad Spinner


space saver for camping


I have a non collapsible spinner in my cupboard at home. It takes up a lot of room.  An upgrade to this might just be a possibility.    If I was travelling in a caravan, then this would be a must!

Availability via Myer

Pots/Plates/Bowls/Cups/Measuring Cups

This collapsible cooking gear is EVERYWHERE now.    Great for hiking, where space is at a premium.

But if you are not into hiking but still want to save space, then these items are a great idea.    See some of the collapsing cookware here (affiliate link to Wild Earth)

But most camping stores (and non camping stores for that matter) have some or all of these items available.

Try Wild Earth for individual pots.

Collapsible Lanterns



Even lights can be collapsed.

Availability via: Kogan or Ebay

Collapsible Shot Glass



Not sure if this is theoretically a camping item, but for those of you who like to take a shot and get a measured amount (no swigging from the bottle needed with this), then add to your keychain, whether you camp or not.

Availability via ThinkGeek

Pop Up Toilet


how to save space when camping toilet


This toilet featured on our 31 Camping Toilets you need to see list.   Now its on this list!   This is one toilet that just needs a second outing.

Availability via Ebay or

Collapsible Hot Tub


hot tub for camping


This made our 10 Gift ideas for the camper who has everything, and due to its collapsibility, it’s on this list too!   It’s like the pop up toilet.  Worthy of being on more than one odd list we generate on our blog.

Availability via The Original Nomad

Collapsible Camp Oven


camping oven that folds down


camping gear space saving

If you want to have a camp oven, but fire restrictions mean you can’t have an open fire, then Gasmate have designed a camp oven that sits on top of your gas burner stove.

Availability via Gasmate

Is there anything that is not collapsible in the camping world?     The items listed above are just some of the collapsible camping gear that is available - there is more, and most likely more to come in the future.   Saving space must be a worldwide camping issue that everyone struggles with!

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