7 French Toast Recipes for your next camping breakfast


If you haven’t had French Toast when camping, then you are missing out on an easy, scrumptious breakfast or a great dessert (and I love love love camping desserts).

Some key tips

  • Our preference for the bread, is a couple of day-old baguettes or Italian bread rolls, as that means the bread has firmed up a little, and not going to go all mushy when dipped in egg and falling apart in the egg mix.  Stale bread is the best.
  • If using sliced bread, slightly stale, and thickly cut is your best option.
  • The milk/egg ratios are not inflexible so you cannot stuff up this recipe too much

Once you have mastered the basic recipe, then you can go crazy with all these other options and variations, and we have scoured the internet to bring you some of the yummiest versions that are achievable when camping. You can get really complicated with recipes, but that defeats the ease of camping.

The Basics -   Easy French Toast Recipe 

(serves 3 people, allowing for 2 slices each)

french toast for camping

2 eggs
1⁄2 cup milk
1⁄4 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
1⁄2 teaspoon cinnamon sugar
6 slices bread/rolls – if large, can slice into fingers

  • Beat eggs in a shallow bowl. Add milk, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar, and beat until frothy.
  • Soak each slice of bread in the egg mixture, first on one side, then the other.
  • Cook both sides on a preheated hotplate/frypan until golden.   If needed you can season the hotplate/frypan with a knob of butter before toasting the bread.
  • Serve with maple syrup drizzled over bread, or cinnamon sugar sprinkled lightly.   Adding bacon on the side gives it that extra yum.

Croissant French Toast

French Toast, using croissants!   How much more French can you get?   Change the bread for a sliced croissant. That is the basis of this recipe. No real change to above.

This recipe is by Ree Drummond on her website Pioneerwoman.com which has loads of mouthwatering recipes.   You will see her recipe, has a different basic egg/milk recipe – but the basic recipe mentioned above is suitable.  It will depend on the supplies you have on hand, so amend accordingly. 


Still, need alternatives to bread?  

Then see donut French toast:  its all about the dunking of the main ingredient into the egg and milk!

French Toast with Berry Compote

Adding fruit makes this more healthy right?    Basic french toast PLUS the berries.

NOTE:    You can do the berry component at home and store in an airtight jar in the esky, or prepare fresh over your camp stove as the toast cooks.  It’s just mixed berries and caster sugar combined over heat.

Read the recipe at Taste


Savoury French Toast




If you are the sort of person who wants more savoury than sweet, this version might suit.     A good easy dinner, or to be an accompaniment.

The main changes to this recipe are that for camping, you will need to have some extras on hand:  like cream and parmesan cheese.

The other ingredients that you could have in your camping food supplies like salt, mustard and Tabasco are needed.  None of these last 3 items takes up much room.   Whilst the recipe uses a blender don’t let that put you off.   A hand whisk will suffice.

You can see the full recipe by Anjali Prasertong at  thekitch.com which is a site of tempting recipes.

French Toast Roll-Ups

This recipe is springing up all over the internet, and it’s about taking your French toast and filling it with something delicious – level of healthiness varies.   


(photo:  bettycrocker.com)


  1. Use bread with crusts off for this one….not the baguettes or rolls, and flatten with a rolling pin. 
  2. You could do this at home before your trip, and store in an airtight plastic bag (just to make it one less thing to do at the campsite).
  3. At camp, on your flattened bread, you add your filling (more on that later).    Roll up the bread tightly, and sit with the seam down on a dish whilst you do all the roll-ups.
  4. Now that you have all the roll-ups ready, you dip them one at a time in your French Toast batter, making sure that all parts of the roll-up have been dipped in the egg wash.
  5. Place onto your hotplate which has some butter sizzling away on top of it – start with the seam side on the hotplate first, to help keep it all together, and turn the rollup regularly, to ensure it gets browned all over.
  6. Once done, take them off the hotplate, and roll in cinnamon and sugar (if desired)


There are loads of choices out there, and when you are camping, you might want easy ones.  
Suggestions are:

Stuffed French Toast 

This recipe is a bit like the roll-ups mentioned above but without the rolling.   Just stuffed instead.


The recipe by Jane Maynard from thisweekfordinner.com  (a website that is packed full of recipes to inspire you)  uses cream cheese and banana with your French Toast.

All easy items to have on hand when camping – your esky just now needs to hold 1 more thing for refrigeration – the cream cheese.

Another Savoury Option – Crispy Salt and Pepper French Toast

From the gorgeous looking website Food52, comes this recipe.

 Photography by Sarah Shatz

In the egg mix, you are adding chopped onions, salt and pepper.    Add some spicy sauce (or if you are like my kids, the humble tomato sauce will work) on the side, and you have the perfect savoury snack.

When it comes to your French Toast choice, it’s hard to go wrong.   That is part of the beauty of this food and why it’s perfect for outdoor living. 

For camping, if you are cooking up a hot breakfast on your hotplate, frypan or skillet, then having this as a side dish is low fuss and very achievable.    If it’s a bit rich for your brekky, then you have a great easy dessert for later on that night!

NOTE:  This story has been updated to maintain accuracy and relevance. 

Lead photo attribution:  By Ralph Daily (Flickr: French Toast) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

10 Camping (and Hiking) Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019


Each year we put together some gift ideas for those who love the outdoors.  This is our list for 2019.

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This list contains some of our most recommended (and loved) camping/hiking gear for the year.

Biolite Charge 20 USB Waterproof Power Bank


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Added feature - small enough to take every day in your pocket or bag, so not just purely for the outdoors.

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Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine


Why we like it - anything that does not make you drink instant coffee is a winner.  This gives you espresso - all you need is ground coffee and hot water. A pump per second will give you one shot (around 50ml) of espresso.  For the lover of coffee, this is small enough to take to the office, or in your bag, or outdoor adventures. If you love that shot of caffeine, you will love this.   For under $65 its a unique gift.

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Luci Inflatable Lantern


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Thermarest Pillow (compressible)


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Honourable mention as a backup choice to this one is the Black Diamond Storm 375.

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Otter Box Esky


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Helinox Chair One


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Everyone loves this chair once you try it.  It made our top camping chair list as well.

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How to save space when camping? With Collapsible camping gear of course!!

collapsible camping gear

Saving space on a family camping trip can be tricky.

Do you ever wonder, as you gaze around everything that needs to fit in the car, how are you going to do it?

On longer car camping trips, the boot of the car is like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, with every box packed precisely, and every gap utilised.

This dilemma to save space is universal in the camping world.   So much so, that inventors are trying to work out how to save space and the idea is collapsible camping.      

Gear that folds down, shrinks, collapses, making room for more gear.      

We all know that tents, chairs, tables and camp kitchens collapse into smaller, more manageable, easier to pack items.

That’s nothing new.

But what else could we collapse or fold down on our camping trips?

Collapsible Silicone Kettle - for lightweight hiking/camping


If you are looking to save space and save grams, this kettle by Sea to Summit, with a 1L capacity can boil your water plus it's versatile - you can use as a pot as well thanks to a wide opening.

Where to buy   -  Click here for the Sea to Summit X Kettle

Pop Up Luci Light


We have covered this Luci Lantern before - you can read our review here.
When not in use, squish it down.  Another big and great feature - it is solar powered so no batteries to worry about running out.

Where to buy?  Click here to buy the Luci Lantern


Collapsible Water Bottles - by Crumple

We all know that the environment is not being helped by our endless use of plastic bottles and cups.  It's time we reused our bottles and did our part in solving the mess this planet is in.

Crumple has introduced these water bottles (large range) and available via our affiliate Wild Earth.
They are BPA free, leak-free, and heatproof.  They also have coffee cups that collapse, so its not just a camping thing.   

Availability and pricing here - large range of colours and options

Crumple says "Our eco cups and bottles are made from food-grade, natural silicone that can safely be heated to 220 degrees celsius and is travel safe, kid-friendly and portable. It costs the environment $36 to produce 200 disposable cups  versus $0.98c to produce 1 Silicone cup and wash it 200 times!" 

Collapsible Cooking Gear

When we first started this blog/website, collapsible cooking gear was not as common as it is now.  Sea to Summit has really excelled in the marketplace by producing a whole lot of collapsible cooking items.  Here is a selection below.

Sea to Summit - 5 piece set    (a pot, 2 bowls and 2 mugs)   Availability and Pricing here.

If you still need more, then you can get mugs, plates and bowls individually or in sets. 
The below items are at Wild Earth - see pricing and availability here

Washing Up Tub

camping gear space saving

The washing up tub is one thing I rate as essential when camping.  So many uses apart from washing up the dishes!     We use a plastic one from a variety store, but maybe its time to think collapsible?

See pricing and availability here

Collapsible Shot Glass



Not sure if this is theoretically a camping item, but for those of you who like to take a shot and get a measured amount (no swigging from the bottle needed with this), then add to your keychain, whether you camp or not.

Availability and pricing here

Pop Up Toilet



Who doesn't love a toilet that collapses?

Availability via Amazon   Priced around $62.

Collapsible Rocket Lamp


Another lamp that collapses is the Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp, with 250 Lumens.   With collapsible legs and takes 3 AAA batteries, you can stand it up, hang it from your tent, use dimmable red and white lights, this collapsing lamp would be great in any tent.

Availability and pricing here 

Collapsible Camp Oven



Gasmate used to produce a camp oven that collapsed, but it seems hard to get these days.  So the closest we could find is a collapsible BBQ from Gasmate.

Availability via Gasmate

If space is an issue with your camping gear, then maybe it is time to start choosing collapsible gear?

This story was first published in 2015 but has been updated and edited for accuracy.  

Disclosure:  We use affiliate links to monetize our content. Some links in this story are an affiliate link.  We receive a small commission if you purchase from this company, but the price to you remains the same.  
 Read more about this at our main website