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The Camping Gadget of the Week is the....

Go Camping Australia gadget of week

 (which is marketed as the "world’s most versatile tent".)   

What you get with this week’s gadget  is a tent that is strung like a hammock – protecting you from the elements that you find on land (wet soil, insects, predators etc.).

It uses tension as opposed to poles, and comes in a range of configurations and colours.

It comes in 3 sizes – 2 man, 3-4 man, and 5-8 man tents.

Whilst it looks very appealing when strung up in the photos provided here at their website, a few big questions jumped out at me and are not answered on the website.
  • What if there are no trees (or good weight bearing trees) close by to string it up to?     And you do need 3 trees!
  • So there are no trees and you brought this Tentsile along - what is plan B?
  • How do you you string it up the tree?   
  • Do you need to pack a ladder?   Or be extremely proficient at climbing trees?  
  • Do you need to bring a trained monkey to scale the trees, if you don't have a ladder?
  • What safety features are included to ensure that when (and if ) you do manage to get up the tree, that the tent is secured firmly?  
Go Camping Australia gadget of week

Whilst I love innovation, and this is certainly innovative, practicality wise, I have my doubts.   

Too many questions unanswered at this point.    

There are photos of a stand that can be utilised with this tent, but from what I read at the website, it must be in conceptual phase only.    Now, if you need to bring a stand with you (presumably carry it, with the ladder or monkey), maybe a 4-season tent could be an easier option?

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Your thoughts on this gadget most welcome.  Perhaps you can shed some light on how you would set it up?

Go Camping Australia gadget of week

All photos from www.tentsile.com