This backpack is the Camping Gadget of the Week

Is it a tent?

Is it a backpack?   

No........Its our Camping Gadget of  the Week and it is a............

                                         Camping Backpack

Go Camping Australia  gadget review

If you think you are just getting a tent in a backpack - well, you are sort of .    The difference is that there is a frame attached to the backpack, which comes off and extends.   From  there you do pull out a tent from the pack which attaches to the frame....and below is the end result.
Go Camping Australia camping gadget
I think for most hikers and campers, weight would be an important consideration and I didn't find the specs on this.

There are so many hiking tents out there - all separate to your pack, and they seem to have a lot more versatility that this one pictured above.   I can't work out how you actually get in/out of this tent, nor what happens to your pack when it rains and how do you access everything in your pack, as it all faces away from where you would be in the tent.

And they are just a few of many questions I have.     But in saying that, it DOES look pretty cool.

Your thoughts on this would be more than welcome...Plus check out previous Gadgets of the Week.