Scrubba Washing Bag keeps you from being a stinky camper

The Scrubba Portable Washing Machine

scrubba for camping


Now no more excuses for wearing the same pair of jocks/undies/boxers for a week!   

Or those socks which can clear out a campsite with the aroma they produce.   

And those shirts which draw your sweat away from you – they can only take so much!

We first brought this story to your attention way back in March 2012!  

The Scrubba wasn't even released in Australia back then......Seems like a lifetime ago now, when our blog was just starting out.

But this is a gadget that has continued to grow in popularity and last the distance in terms of not being a gimmick but a successful product.

If you missed knowing about the Scrubba first time around, here it is again.....

Too heavy”   I hear you smelly beasts cry out.     Wrong.   It weighs in at 180g (6.35oz) which is nothing. 
I don’t smell”   You protest.    Wrong.   Many a hiker/camper has a certain aroma after a day or two using the same shirt over and over again.  Gross.

Designed by Ashley Newland when preparing for a climb to Mt Kilimanjaro it works like this:

  • You add 2-3 litres of water, plus some liquid cleaning agent (eg.shampoo, detergent) and your clothes into the bag.      With a capacity to wash t-shirts, sock and undies all at once, it allows you to add quite a bit of clothing.
  • Expel the air
  • Rub the clothing inside the bag (which has a flexible washboard in it – and the washboards have been around since FOREVER!).  This can take from 30-40 seconds for simple grime removal or up to 3 minutes for higher quality cleaning.
  • Take out clothes and dry

(Note:   If using outdoors, near natural resources, please ensure you dispose of your greywater thoughtfully and appropriately for the environment).

A simple concept, but an effective one!    For anyone who travels, and worries about space (and cleanliness) this might be a simple solution for you to try!

Where can you get this from (and find out all the finer details):

Cost:  $64.95

See the latest YouTube video for it here, with the clever tagline of the "only washing machine you will want to carry up a mountain".

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