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Great principles for hikers and campers - in fact, anyone using our beautiful countryside and especially those wonderful national parks and conservation parks that have been set up for everyone to enjoy.

Hopefully, most of you reading this site will know all about Leaving No Trace and practice the principles of leaving nothing but your footprint.

It's not a difficult concept to grasp.

Unfortunately, we camped at a campground that was pretty bad - Beachport Conservation Park - where that concept has obviously never been understood in recent times by fellow campers.

We were appalled by the condition of 5 of the 6 campsites that were on offer.

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Beachport CP - site 2 with rubbish bags

Upon arrival, we scanned from our car, all 6 campsites to determine which one we would set up in.    One site was immediately discounted because of the piles of rubbish left by campers, evident from the road into the campsite.  It was not household rubbish - it was typical of what you would have camping.

We chose what we thought was a "clean" camp, and set up only to find scattered all around it, toilet paper, toilet rolls, wipes, beer boxes - all through surrounding foliage, in different levels of decay.

Other campsites all had similar stories, plus broken bottles, piles of peanut shells, bottle tops etc - but the overwhelming amount of rubbish was used toilet paper.     

One unique way to dispose of human waste was to use a plastic shopping bag and then hang it from a tree.  

What sort of disgusting person does this and leaves for others to see/find?

Our children were horrified (having never witnessed litter like this on any camping trip) and did not want to stay, so we packed up our tents etc and moved to the only campsite that was not littered (and incidentally closest to the toilets that were available).

And it was a beautiful, peaceful well-sheltered spot to camp.     We loved our time there, but we could not get over the mistreatment of this park by campers.     

Another reason for this mess could be that this park is very close to the township of Beachport and some yobbos may use it as their place to drink up and party....who knows??  Not that I am excusing their mess, but part of me hopes it wasn't done by fellow campers like ourselves - people who should know better.

So how should you leave your campsite?

Read our top tips to  keep a campsite clean (it's not difficult)

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Happy (and clean) Camping.