Chaheati Heated Chair is Gadget of the Week

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Do you want to have a hot bottom on cold nights?   

This piece of camping gear could be the seat warmer you need and is our Gadget of the Week

Chaheati™ All-Season Heated Chair.

I know on cold nights, despite the many layers of clothes I might be wearing, I still feel the cold.    When we cannot have campfires, the chill is worse and I often head to bed earlier just to get warm.    This chair may make staying up under the cold night sky a little easier.

  • This chair is cordless and collapsible so putting it with the rest of your camping gear will not be a problem.   And when the weather cools down, and that chill starts to set in, choose one of the four settings that come with the chair, and get ready for up to 6 hours of warm bottoms.

  • And if you weigh 280LBS/127KG, this chair can still hold you (though if you weigh that much, maybe keeping warm is the least of your problems).
Camping Gadget Go Camping Australia
Heat setting controller

The website refers to the following on the technology:
  • Soft, pliable and flexible ultra-thin heating element (no coils)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered heating system
  • Safe low-voltage heating technology
  • Rapidly heats in only 10 to 20 seconds
  • Digital circuit protection

It  uses a rechargeable battery and a car charger can also be purchased.

Fabric is fire and water resistant which is a good thing when you are heating up a chair in rainy conditions!

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Camping Gadget Go Camping Australia