Camping out in your backyard

When was the last time you did it?

Backyard camping I mean.

It is a childhood tradition, and even actor Will Ferrell gets in on the act in this short clip below.

We have camped in our backyard over past few years with varying degrees of success....

Good points:   A nice clean toilet is never far away, and if it all gets too much, you go inside to your own bed.

Bad points:  Street lights, noise and tent pegs that end up  puncturing the watering system.

I recently even read of a company that has been designed to help you with backyard camping.  Yes, they will come to your backyard and set up a camping experience for you - and you have to pay them to do it!   

You don't need much for a backyard adventure - just a tent, a sleeping bag and you are good to go.   Drag whatever you think you might need from inside to make the experience a little more comfortable.

If it is a success, you may be ready to go further than 10 feet from your back door.    Just make sure you have the right gear.   These posts could help you prepare (or brush up on some basics)

- Tips to choosing a tent
- Essential gear for beginners
- Tips for beginners 

But if you haven't camped in backyards before, its  never too late to give it a go.