World's Smartest Headlamp is Camping Gadget of Week

So you think you have a good headlamp?  

Not as good as this one we bet, which is being called the
World’s Smartest Headlamp”.  

That is a big call.

And that is why the Petzl NAO Headlamp is the  
Camping Gadget of the Week.    
Camping Gadget
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Why is it so special?

This headlamp has an integrated light sensor which is oriented in the same direction as the eyes.  

What that means to you, is that the sensor measures and analyses the light already around you, and automatically adjusts the headlamp to suit you and what you are doing.

It is reactive lighting technology.

From 7 to 355 lumens, this lamp is going to offer some serious lighting when its needed - and react appropriately when you don't need to light up the world.

For example

Reading a map?   The headlamp, will make the beam wide and give a less powerful light on your map.

On a night hike or jog around the block?   The beam will be wide and medium strength light, so you can see what is ahead of you.

Need to see some distance ahead, say for a trail marker?   Increased light output and focussed ahead.

You don’t need to do a thing.    All instant and all automatic.   How cool is that???

Camping Gadget
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 Another important fact

Because the headlamp adjusts to your needs, the burn time is going to be longer.    

The rechargeable battery is being used to its best advantage – the lighting has adjusted to suit your needs.   Instead of having your lamp on fully for an extended time, this headlamp is only going to go to full strength when its needed.    There is  no waste.

How is it charged?

Via a rechargeable Lithium ION battery with USB connection

Other cool facts
  • Switch that allows you to change modes; so you stay in control should you want    
  • ZEPHYR headband
  • Programmable by USB (set it up for your needs)
  •  Burn time from 1hr 20 up to 20 hours
  • Weight:  187grams
  •  Water resistant
  •  Lock switch
  •  Optional belt kit
The ad says it  "will change the way you move through darkness".

How can you get one?

Available in July 2012.   Price unknown at this stage.   I doubt it will be cheap though.  But Petzl is a quality manufacturer of quality gear, so you will get what you pay for.

Would we get one?

Yes!   Sounds fantastic.     We would love to get our hands on one!!!

What do you think?  Is this really the smartest headlamp?  
Or are we just getting a little too excited?