Camping, Bacon and Zombies

A highlight when camping is at the end of the day, sitting down to eat something delicious.   You have had a busy day walking and exploring, so its like a reward when you return to your campsite and know that you have a scrumptious meal ahead of you.

And as all campers and hikers would discover from surfing the ‘Net, there are thousands of recipes for camp meals and snacks.

There is no excuse these days for not eating yummy and nutritious food when you camp.

We have a couple of favourites, but this next camping food, is NOT going to be on our list any time soon.

It is the Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon  (I think they are targeting people who wish to stock up their homes before an imminent zombie attack and/or people who have no idea how to cook).   

The ad below will give you an idea on the target audience for this product!

The manufacturers also they do suggest this would be great for campers and hikers, because it has a shelf life of 10 years!

Bacon that keeps for 10 years?  Imagine the preservatives that are needed to keep it on the shelf for so long.   

I love bacon - but not like this.......

Still hungry?    If so, don’t forget to try the bacon flavoured popcorn....... or how about some bacon flavoured gum?

 And if still peckish, there is always the Candwich (read about that delicacy here)

So, which one will you be trying on your next camping trip (or when zombies attack)?