Lightcap 200 is Camping Gadget of the Week

I do like this gadget of the week.    It's fun and simple and not technical at all.  

Our Camping Gadget of the Week  is the 

 LightCap 200 by SolLight.

Basically, all of us camping and hiking enthusiasts have a water bottle.    

So this LED camp (2.6oz) fits onto any ‘standard’ waterbottle eg. Camelbak, Nalgene etc.   The ones that have a 2” wide mouth.

We have every Camelbak bottle on the market judging by our kitchen cupboard, so finding a bottle wouldn’t be a problem.

The cap has high output solar panel and holds 4 bright LED lights.    Charge up your bottle cap during the day, and the light illuminates the water in the bottle...and voila, we have a lantern (with a built in auto daylight sensor).   
Or even a torch if you need it.

No batteries at all needed!

The cap seals on tight onto your bottle, and all crucial elements are protected and sealed!

And the manufacturers have also created the LightCap 300 which is a renewable lantern, a one liter water bottle and a waterproof container  - with 4 white lights and a red LED for a nightlight.  How cool is that?

Have not seen them in Australia yet, but full details on how you can get one can be found at this site here 

What do you think?   Hit or Miss?    Let us know in the comments below.