Camping Gadget of Week is Dry Sack Light


Lighting is a big deal when camping.  Anyone who tells you its not, well, they haven’t camped away from civilisation too often.

So we have another option for lighting as our Camping Gadget of the Week, and that is the T-Trail and Ambient Light Dry Bag.    It’s a long title, but a simple idea.

When camping and hiking,  space is a premium.     if you have to carry all your belongings on your back, then you look for ultralight options. 

This is a dry bag where you store all your belongings to protect them in your pack. 

But when you get to camp, and take all that ‘stuff’ out, you use the T-Trail Headlamp that comes with the pack, take it out, turn it on within the bag itself and voila, you have a an ambient light – enough diffused light apparently to read or cook by, or just use in your tent.



This gadget is made by Mammut, and you can get all details here.

Possibly another headlamp will do the job just as well?  Either way, its a smart, yet surprisingly easy and basic way to get a little more light using things you may be carrying anyway!

Other lighting gadgets you should check out include:

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Petzl NAO Headlamp

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