Camping with Geocaches

Geocaching. Its estimated over 5 million people worldwide do it.

We are recently new to the world of Geocaches.   Apparently, its been around for a while.

Have no idea how we even heard about it, but when we did, we thought it would be a great activity that the kids could do when we are camping and in a new place.

If you don’t know what it is, the idea is simple and fun and children love it!   We recommend you give it a go – because no matter where you are in the world, chances are, there is a geocache near you.

Geocaching is a big treasure hunt, using your GPS receiver (our iPhones work brilliantly), some information from a website (we use Geocaching Australia), and then we hunt down a cache (a hidden box/container which fellow Geocachers have hidden).    

Once you find the cache, there is a logbook you sign, and then you can share your find online.      You might like to be the hunters or if you like it, become one of those who hide caches.

There are a few rules which in the spirit of the game you need to abide to, and Geocaching can give you all the info you need on how to play, what to do and what not to do.

So when we are going to a new camp location, we check the app we have from Geocaching Australia, and see what caches are in the area where we are currently staying.   

Going on hikes becomes a lot more exciting for the children, knowing that sometimes they might have to leave the trail to hunt for the treasure!     

My children love looking for the cache, and there is genuine excitement when its found, and anticipation what little treasure will be in there!     (you can take a treasure out, as long as you replace it with something of equal or higher value).     But, its more about the hunt and discovery, than the goods inside.
Once we discover the first cache on the camp trip, we eagerly check to see how far away the next might be.   

Some caches are relatively easy (the app gives you advice on the ease to find, size etc.when it was last found, hints, comments, and sometimes pictures); others will have puzzles you need to solve to lead you to it.     Our family struggle with the more complicated and sometimes cryptic clues, but maybe because we are new to it all or we are not very clever!

We got our practice with the concept, around the suburbs where we live.   It’s amazing once you start looking, how many caches might be in your area – or at the park down the road!       Some we find, some we do not.    But its all good fun, and doesn’t cost a thing.   

Have you tried Geocaching?   If so, let us know how you went below.     Maybe, you want to read more about camping?  If so, sign up for our email at the top right of this page.