Fenix GPS Watch is Camping Gadget of the Week



Looking for a new GPS device?

Tired of holding a GPS plus doing everything else?

Want a watch that does more than tell the time?


Then you might want to consider the latest offering from Garmin which is the Fenix Watch.  It is our Camping Gadget of the Week.

This watch is designed to give you navigation and tracking, all on your wrist!   

Navigate, hands-free.

Garmin Fenix


The Fenix comes with altimeter, barometer and compass (ABC) and gives you live data on such crucial info as real time elevation data and weather.   You will also have the ability to have such navigational activities like planning trips, route creation and recording waypoints (parking, trailheads, shelters etc). 

All the features we would expect from Garmin are in this watch.    eg.  Ability to download route from the application BaseCamp™.    

Sort of person who gets lost?    This watch is what you might need.    It comes with a Tracklog  which means, that it displays a trail of "bread crumbs" to easily track your position. And  the “TracBack™ function will guide you safely back along a good visible and easy to follow trackline

Garmin Watch Camping Gadget of the Week


Why is this a good function to have for anyone who likes to go off the beaten track? Well, it takes the fear out of getting lost – you are given freedom to explore beyond the trail.

What else can it do?  The list is impressive (can you tell that I am impressed??)


  • Mountaineering – know your ascent exactly
  • Hunting – ability to use a function to see legal shooting times
  • Hiking – ABC inclusive
  • Trail running - Monitor heart rate, calories burned, elevation gain, pace, distance
  • Geocaching – all on your wrist
  • Backcountry skiing – waypoints to guide you home
  • Biking - Track your speed, distance, ascent and descent, all on your wrist
  • Boating – waterproof, with 3 axis compass


Want to know more?  Garmin website has all the details.   Or check out this video below.   I know we want to get our hands on this SOON!

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Check out this Garmin Fenix ad. Be impressed like me!