Heatstick is Camping Gadget of the Week

  • Looking for something different in camping?  

  • Tired of using the conventional way of cooking (so yesterday!)?  

  • Maybe you have a burning desire to pretend you are in the Secret Forces? 

If you answered “Yes, that’s me” to any of the above, then this Camping Gadget of the Week is for you. 

It is the Heatstick by Danish company Heatgear.
Camping Gadget of the Week Heatstick

What is it?   

Well, glad you asked.  

It is a flameless stick, holding a propane and butane mix in an aluminium cylinder.   These elements heat up and boils what needs to be boiled.

This fuel will allow you to boil up to 6-9 litres of water – use it for freeze dried rations, boil in the bag food, beverages and anything that needs heating with water.     

The beauty of this camping gadget of the week is that it’s not temperamental like some cooking stoves that only perform in certain conditions.    

As it’s working INSIDE a container, wind, rain, heat or icy conditions are not going to stop you getting your dinner.     

The range is from -30C to + 50C, which I think would pretty much cover any camping trip.

Camping Gadget of the Week Heatstick and container

Too busy exploring and don’t want to stop to eat?  No worries.    

You can heat your meal up in the container provided with the Heatstick, whilst it’s in your backpack.  No flame at all, so it’s safe (plus lots of built in safety mechanisms too).   No pot required for that meal.  No wind shields or stands either – just the Heatstick.    

Anything that lightens your load has to be a good thing.

Cool or what???

For those of you on “special missions” (real or imaginary), this is what Heatgear have to say (and check out the video clip too which makes you want to run around like a commando with this gadget)

"HEATSTICK is ideal for use at night and in hostile environments. It doesn’t emit any light, making it undetectable by night goggles. It has a neutral thermal signature during use (same as body temperature). Plus, it’s silent and odorless."

To ignite the Heatstick it comes with its own igniter – once again flameless, and works under all conditions and missions.

The cost is a little on the high side – 2379KR – converts to AUD385.30  (at time of writing).    

But if you want to reduce weight in your pack; looking for a new way to cook; want to increase soldier survivability and improve mission effectiveness (that last bit was Heatgear’s words, not mine!)....then I think this could be THE gadget for you.

(Other camping stove gadgets that might appeal to you include the Biolite Stove and Stove in a Can)

What do you think?   Please leave a note below.