When nature calls - how to wee outdoors

Female Urination Device

Do you need a FUD?

  • If you are male, then the answer is NO.
  • If you are female, then it may be something you could consider.

It's a Female Urination Device.

Men may not understand the complexity of what it's like when you are a woman busting to do a wee, whether you are camping or hiking and there's no clean toilet nearby.

Some of the problems women face:

(1)  Women just can't wee standing up against a tree.   Well, we could but possibly on the messy side?

(2)  There are layers of clothing to consider too:  to take off or not?

(3)  How about mid-squat you hear someone coming your way and you are half disrobed?

(4)  And how about if your wee doesn't go in the direction you planned?    Wet knickers/jeans/shorts or shoes.  Not the most pleasant sensation.

(5)  Disgusting toilets, where you don't want to be, but just have to use.

The FUDs are known to be more popular in Europe than here, but it may be that we have been slower to embrace this as an option??      Regardless of your location, there are a lot of females out there who want a more simple way of doing a wee.   They don't want to be a man, they just want some of the benefits of the male's anatomy!!!

We think it seemed like a good time to revisit the world of FUDs.

For those of you women who have mastered the ability to wee outdoors when camping, then enjoy the options for those who can't!

(FYI:    If you are more of a sit-down on a toilet sort of person, then we have 31 portable toilets for every camper  just for you).

How they work

SheWee in use

The principle for a FUD is pretty simple no matter what FUD you end up choosing.

It's all about not undressing but pushing the  FUD against your body after you have pushed your pants aside.   Then you urinate and the urine flows away from your body with the device of your choice (or the technical term, FUD).

Simple right?

The top of most of these funnels are designed for the female form - it's not like you have just grabbed a funnel from the garage (but that's an  option - read on to find out more) - and different materials are used to create them.

The silicone FUDs are more compact and easier to store but come with the added issue of collapsing if you hold them too hard.    Result:  spillage where you don't want it.

Clothing you are wearing also needs to be considered - some tight running clothes or jeans for example, don't have a lot of leeway to push around to the side and then get the FUD positioned.   Which leads us to our important tip........

Important tip

Practice, practice, practice.

What's available?

There's quite a range.      So for those of you who think "I wouldn't mind doing a tinkle in a more upright position", then read on!

All the websites of these products give more information on how to use if you are wondering.

The GoGirl

camping go girl

Invented in 2002, not for the outdoors person but for the woman who wasn't too keen on going to the loo in some of those nasty public toilets, the GoGirl, in a variety of colours, can definitely be used in the outdoors.

The silicone device is stored in can until use - you can use it (practice will make perfect), and then return to the can for use at a later time.    It's small and discreet and fits in a tiny can but the malleable silicone means it can be squashed down in the can, but also squashed when using.

Need to know how it's used?  Then here is some advice on how to use the GoGirl

Availability:  Readily available online for around $16 each.


she wee

Once again, like the GoGirl, it's the funnel concept.    No cute can to place it in like GoGirl,  but comes in a compact case with an extension pipe.

If you are not sure about the extension pipe and it's use, well, it makes your urine stream go a further distance, which if you are in bulky clothing, might be beneficial that the urine goes over your puffy gear!

Also you can buy special underwear that accommodates the Shewee or just buy the Shewee on it's own with no extension or case for it.

Availability:   Shewee Australia with the starting price from $19.99

Whiz Freedom

From the UK, same concept as the ones mentioned above.     It's unique selling point is that it declares itself to be the World's First Antibacterial and Hydrophobic Urine Director.  It may be.   It does sound impressive.

Availability:  From Whizaway.com with a price of STG14+


camping FUD

A funnel, with a spout that locks in place, this has been mentioned by testers (in other reviews) as one of the most reliable devices.

It's the same concept as the other previous devices but the funnel is made of harder material (plastic)  and less likely to squish when you are holding it.     Because squishing your FUD is a  not a good thing.

Availability:   Online from overseas (no Australian retailers).  Price from US$19



This is the cheapest of them all, and made of silicone like the GoGirl and Shewee.     No fancy additions, just the basic funnel.

Availability:  Via Amazon at price of around $3.50 (ships to Australia)



This is a portable urinal - sort of.   It's more like a bottle with a funnel attached.    The urine doesn't go on the ground (or in a toilet) but into a bottle.

So, it's bigger, less compact and you still have to empty it somewhere.

Stuck in your camping shelter for the night, and don't want to go out in the rain or cold?  Then you do have this option, but you best make sure you have practiced properly so there is no spillage in the camping shelter.

Availability:   Via Amazon at price of around $7.60 plus shipping to Australia

Long Neck Funnel (any brand)

female wee device

OK, if you want to get back to basics, head to your local car parts store or hardware, and buy a long neck funnel.

You can get a basic one for about $3.

They don't fold up or come in a cute case and can be on the large-ish size, so think about that when going on a hike.

Availability:    at any hardware store or car part store!

Paper Funnels

If you want something that you can wee in and then dispose (ie. no washing up), then you do have the disposable options available to you.

Made of waxed cardboard, you pop them open and away you go.     Dispose of in a bin (not down the toilet or buried).


female urination device

Short funnels mean that your aim needs to be accurate.

Availability:  Various locations, but online at P-Mate USA (I think you have to buy in bulk)

Magic Cone

magic cone for camping

There's not much room for error in this one.

Availability:  Online at Magic Cone (pack of 10 for CAD25.00 plus shipping to Australia)

DIY Option

wee outdoors help
Photo:  http://www.wikihow.com/User:Wikivisual

If you think, "I could make one of those paper FUDs at home",  you would be right!    For the crafty person, you can create your own P-Mate.

See how here:    http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Homemade-P-Mate-or-Shewee

That's just a sample of some of the devices out there.

There are many more, all doing pretty much the same thing, just different colors and variation of shapes, but with the same desire - easier urination.

Next time you are heading outdoors, and worrying about how to do a wee outdoors (discreetly and not having your bum hanging out of your jeans),  then maybe it's time to consider a FUD!

Need advice on other ways to go to the toilet?     Please read     31 Portable Camping Toilets

Editor Note:  This story was first published in 2013 and has been totally updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.