Selk Bag. One way to keep warm when you camp

When I first saw this concept over a year ago, I scoffed at it.    I will be the first to admit that I thought I would look like an idiot in it.

Having experienced being very cold on a camping trip, and dreading getting out of my sleeping bag (which was incidentally not suited to the weather conditions), I NOW think to myself, I wish I had one of these!!

A sleeping bag that allows you to not only sleep in it, but sit, stand, walk or run in it.

Great for those cool mornings and nights at the campsite.   Or maybe at home as well.


The Selk Bag 4G Lite or the Selk Bag Classic come in a range of sizes and colours to suit the whole family, and you can find more information and pricing details at Selk’Bag Australia.

Pricing is reasonable too.    At time of writing the Classic was under $200 and the Lite was under $100.
I feel the cold so much, I might sleep in the Selk, INSIDE my other sleeping bag!

Let us know below, what you think of this product.   I think I just may be a convert…..

If you want to warm your bottom, think about this item
All photos from Selk website