Aeropress is Camping Gadget of the Week

Coffee press camping gadget of the week
I am a bit of a coffee snob.

Not too proud or ashamed to admit it!!  

What that means is that instant coffee is something I can’t drink.   I would much rather go without, than drink a crappy cup of coffee.

So when we go camping, I ensure we have a decent cup of coffee.      And we have a number of ways of getting that perfect brew, and the Camping Gadget of the Week, just happens to be one what we use. 

It is the Aeropress.aeropress is camping gadget of week
This gadget is not a new one but been around for a while.    Many other campers and hikers use, and recommend it.

Small enough to put in your daypack, and definitely suited to all who camp.  In fact, we have used it at home and work in the quest to perfect that cup of coffee we love!

It is a coffee plunger that you place over your cup, fill with your coffee add water, and slowly press the plunger.

The water and coffee pass through a microfilter so the coffee you get is free of gritty coffee grinds (the muck that is at the bottom of your cup sometimes).   

Our full review and more information on how it works, can be found on

Or check out the MSR Mugmate as an alternative.

Otherwise, leave us a note below on your thoughts about this gadget.   How do YOU like your coffee?  What do you use when you are camping or hiking?