Can you have portable toilet in your pocket?

When the idea of camping was first suggested to me, my first thought was "where will I go to the toilet".   The answer provided was behind a tree or bush.   

Consequently, we did not go camping for a long time.

Years later, I said I would give camping a go, as long as it had a toilet nearby. I hadn't yet discovered that sometimes going behind a bush is a better option than using a grubby drop toilet (but that's a story for another day).

Having a toilet nearby remains something the females in our  family really, really, appreciate.

For others, who don't take a Porta Pottie with them - such as we do sometimes; it's our little luxury -  they won't go camping because of not having a toilet.  I know of someone who hung on for 7 days when hiking because they didn't want to go  and squat in the woods!

When I was looking around for the ways to do a wee if you are female and outdoors (if you missed that post, read how girls can go to the toilet outdoors because it truly is, enlightening!), I found ways to do Number 2's that are on the market.

I assumed, wrongly, that if you didn't go behind a tree (with a spade) or use existing facilities, then you didn't go at all.   

But as was pointed out to me,  depending on where you are going, for environmental reasons – you HAVE to take out all waste.     

I remain a little horrified by that thought....  I am so not ready for that.

So, if you have to be environmentally friendly or if you think that there must be alternatives to going in the woods/Porta Pottie/amenity blocks, here we show you another 2 products designed to making the toileting issue for some people, well, easier???  (there are a lot of other toilet options out there I realise, but just showing two innovations!)

I am not so sure about it, but read on and then you can let me know what you think!

The Biffy Bag

This is a personal disposable toilet system is a complete toilet that fits in the palm of your hand.   Carry it in your backpack, or pocket or  handbag (if you have one when you camp).

biffyThe website says 
The bag within a bag design offers 3 layers of leak protection and provides 4000 times the odor resistance of a standard garbage bag. The transport bag itself has a burst strength rating greater than 50 psi and a puncture resistant rating greater then 13 psi making it virtually leak proof.

How does it work?

The diagram, which comes from the Biffy website, tells you just what you might want to know:

steps to use biffy bag

And remember – leave no trace.

If you use this bag, dispose of thoughtfully and appropriately.  The bag system  is 83% biodegradable or recyclable.   But you still need to put it a suitable garbage bin.

This could be one way to help ease concerns of those afraid of the outdoors because of toileting issues.

For others, it may freak them out further.   

Another product is Bog in a Bag.

This one is a little different, because it comes with folding stool as well (which has a hole in the middle, where a plastic bag is placed).

Bog in a bag set upNow its not any old plastic bag, but one filled with magic crystals (full disclosure - they are actually not magic, but polycrylate crystals).

After you have done your business, you get rid of the plastic bag.    And your folding stool can now function once more, as a place to rest your bottom, rather than a stool to help you empty your bottom.

For details on that product, go to the home page Bog In A Bag

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