Darth Tater meets The Grampians

Ever seen the TV show  ‘The Amazing Race’ ?   If so, you might have seen that the contestants sometimes have to lug around a gnome from some travel agency.

We, were like those contestants.   Except for the bit about winning a million dollars, travelling the world for free and dealing with taxi drivers who never know where they are going.  Oh, and we don’t wear matching outfits, never been cheerleaders and don’t get threatened with elimination at the end of each day.
So except for all of that, we were just like those contestants.   

But rather than a gnome, we took Darth Tater (a spud on the Dark Side).

So, Darth Tater came to the majestic Grampians in Victoria for a lovely break in the middle of winter (and our family of 4, became 5)

Darth Tater at Halls Gap

The Grampians has a lot to offer at this time of the year to the visitor.

Being cool (and on one day we were there, icy), visitor numbers are lower than school holidays, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the mountains without fighting for a view with hundreds of others.

Accommodation options are plentiful, so you can also have your pick of where you want to stay.

On many of our walks, we were the only ones there.    We could sit on a peak in silence (if we chose) and didn’t have to wait for people to move out of the shot for photographic purposes.     We had the walk to the Pinnacles, Silverband Falls and Beehive Falls all to ourselves.

On another day of our stay, a short drive from Halls Gap, took us to Boroka Lookout, Reids Lookout and The Balconies.   This was the day Darth joined us.   The day was windy and overcast, but we could still appreciate the beauty that stretched out as far as the eye could see.

Darth Tater at the  Grampians
Darth Tater and Go Camping Australia
From Reids Lookout, a short walk to The Balconies is a must.    The path winds through bushland and the wildflowers were coming into early bloom.      
This walk can easily be done by everyone (though some preferred to be carried as seen below).
Darth Tater in a backpack
The view from The Balconies.
Grampians The Balconies
Grampians meets Darth Tater

Next major stop, was Mackenzie Falls.  

Of all areas we visited in the Grampians, this was the part that had the most visitors we had seen for the duration of our stay.   Where they had been on all our other walks, I do not know, but everyone had decided that these Falls were the place to be.    We were there in low season, so I can only imagine what it must be like at peak time.

A long descent to the bottom of the Falls is a must if you can manage it.   It’s not too bad going down, but coming back up does test your fitness.   To truly appreciate the scenery, I would make the effort.  The Falls can only be truly appreciated at the base.
Grampians Mackenzie Falls
Grampians Mackenzie Falls
Grampians  meets Darth Tater

As was the case with most places near water, the damage of the floods from January 2011 was evident.  

Large amount of debris and some infrastructure damage remain, and once where bridges were, now large stepping stones/rocks take their place (which I think is better anyway).

Grampians meets Darth Tater                      Darth resting (or possibly sliding off) on our car at the end of the day.

The Grampians are a beautiful place to visit in Victoria, and offer a lot to see and do.
Your level of fitness and time will determine how much you can get out and explore.   They are not overwhelming in size as say, the Flinders Ranges (which takes hours to get from one place to another).    The wildlife abounds, the people everywhere were friendly and welcoming, and we didn’t get too many strange looks when Darth put in an appearance!

Full review of camping facilities found in the area is  on our main website  (minus input from Darth Tater).      

Want to leave a comment or thought about the Grampians or maybe reference Star Wars, then please do so below.   Love to hear from you.