Don't wash up your plates - eat them instead.

Have you eaten outdoors? Who does the washing up of all the plates etc? 

For our family, it falls to the parents as the children seem to get incredibly busy at that moment and with nightfall approaching, you want it done! And done NOW!

You would know from your experiences, that in can be a bit more work than say, at home.

You can't sometimes just turn on a tap, and there is the hot water - you might have to go looking for a water source and then boil it up!

We have been out camping where there is no water source, and we are rationing our water for everything.     There is that fear that you will run out and have to get in the car and drive somewhere to get the water.     This happened to us on Kangaroo Island - where many areas to not have mains water.   We had to ask a local farmer for rainwater.

We have been out with some campers who choose the disposable option for all their camping!  Its not environmentally friendly and more prone to being left in the campground.   And not a good idea to burn it either!

Edible tableware for camping
So, if you are thinking about an alternative to washing you up, here is an option available.  You  can use  4-piece set (made by Firebox) which is made from 100% biodegradable cassava (a perennial tropical plant used to make tapioca).    You get  cassava plates, bowls and cups; plus wooden spoons, forks and knives (don’t eat the cutlery).

The plates, bowls, etc. can be re-used if washed with care, or if you bury them as it turns into compost within a week (if in water).    Or, eat them.      Now, there are no excuses for leaving your rubbish for others to find.   Remember: Leave No Trace.

Anyone hungry?   

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Reference:   Firebox