Outdoors Bloggers share their stories

Recently when  reading one of the many blogs I like to follow, I came across a group of great women bloggers, based in the USA and Canada, who had all written about “their camping style”.

The common thread amongst them all, was their desire to get outdoors with their families and have a great time.    The ways in which they do that, differ, but the end result is always the same – experiences and adventures creating lifelong memories.

Katarapko campsite on River Murray
Each story, seemed to have a little part of my own story within it – especially the stories that started off with mums who didn’t initially like camping, but have changed their minds.   Oh, and the mums who like toilets nearby too!  

The posts are beautifully written, descriptive, with some amazing scenery and gives those of us in Australia, an insight into camping, North American style!

I will need to think about our own camping style, and add it later, but meanwhile, I recommend that you take the time to read these stories.

Maybe you have a blog post about YOUR camping style in Australia?


If so, let us know so we can create an Aussie list.




Blog Posts about Camping Style:

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