Zippo Handwarmer is Camping Gadget of the Week

  • Feeling cold in the morning around the campsite? 
  • Or maybe sitting in the tent at night?   
  • Possibly, as you sit at your computer reading this?
Then this Gadget of the Week could keep you a little more toasty!

It is the Zippo Handwarmer, and brought to you by the makers of the famous Zippo lighters that have been around forever.
Zippo handwarmer Camping GadgetFill it with lighter fuel (can last between 12-24 hours depending on how much fuel you add), light the warmer up and place in the provided bag (you must use this bag, as the warmer becomes very hot).

Once you start it up to warm yourself, it is not that easy to stop from what I can gather (involves prying off the burning element without actually burning yourself), so you may want to be prepared to keep body parts warm for a long time.

My feet might actually need one of these right about now.

Or maybe this Selk Bag is more to your liking?

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