I never go camping without my…..

Today, we are lucky enough to have a guest post by the team at Camper Hire Specialists (check them out at http://camperhirespecialists.com.au). 

Read on, and find out what others never go camping without……

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Step out of the car, close your eyes to take a deep breath, smell the fresh air and feel totally relaxed....

Is this how you feel when you arrive at the camp site?

Whether you love camping to escape the madness of the city life, to spend more time with family and friends or simply to relax, there is no question that camping is addictive.

Once you have caught the camping bug, it usually is for life.

Interestingly, there are even studies conducted that show several health benefits to camping and spending time outdoors.

A moment later a weird feeling creeps up and the sense of peace is interrupted:   “I hope I did not leave ..... behind!” 

What is the ONE thing that you would never go camping without?  

Camper Hire Specialists asked three campers:   I never go camping without my....”

  • LED Light Headband
No thumbing in the dark, no hissing of the lanterns, hands-free and brilliant for walks - the lights just seems to follow you!”

  • Porta Pottie
“Camping is all about enjoyment - right? Having to worry about the toilet conditions, or lack of them, is not my idea of comfortable camping.” 

  • Mossie Spray
“In the beginning I was afraid of the snakes and spiders. But it’s mossies that are causing me most trouble. So I make sure I have my insect repellent with me all the time, everywhere.

What’s on top of your list? “I never go camping without my...”
Let us know below. 

Thanks to Camper Hire Specialists for this post.