Inflatable tent is Camping Gadget of the Week

No more tent poles to worry about.     Sound good?  Or just a dream?

This is a a market that has really taken off in recent years (you can read about inflatable tents of all varieties at our main site)

Well, its really happened, and you can kiss goodbye to your fibreglass or aluminium poles.    All because of a new tent on the market by Kelty.

It is the AirPitch Tent.  

With the inflatable poles incorporated into the tent itself, the tent (4 person or 6 person) will be up in less than 1 minute!   And then you have to tie it down with guide ropes etc, but the basic premise is 1 minute set up.

To see it all in action and get an idea of how it works you must watch this video.   


Apart from the tent, all you need to bring is the air pump (forget that, and you are in trouble!).

And no rainfly to put on either (the most fiddly part of a tent set up) - this tent has it all attached.   I think it all sounds amazing and something so simple, anyone could do.


Whether you go the Mach 4 (4 person) or Mach 6 (6 person), there is a screened floorless vestibule which means your gear is kept safe and dry – the Mach 6 has 2 separate rooms which means you can put the children on one side, whilst you enjoy the serenity in the other room!

Time to pack up?  Just pull out the valves and watch your tent deflate.

So what happens when your poles spring a leak?   That requires a patch kit, but these inflatable poles are meant to be able to take the usual stress that your fibreglass poles get…..

But if this is not the tent for you - see these

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