Tacos in a Bag camping food

When looking for something new (and quick and easy) for our last camping meal, I came across what appears to be a very popular camping food in the USA (not S’Mores – you can read about that experience here).   It’s Tacos in a Bag.

Not so big here in Australia from what I can see though, but I may be wrong – just can’t find much on it from an Australian perspective.

So, next camping trip if you want something fast, relatively mess free, and a bit of a novelty dish, then try this.


You need:

  • Small individual bags of corn chips (like CCs or Doritos)
  • Cooked Mince meat (seasoned with your Taco mix of choice) – cook at campsite or reheat
  • Lettuce/Salsa/Avocado/ Tomato/Grated Cheese/Sour Cream  (all or some)


  • With the corn chips packet still sealed, lightly crush the corn chips (don’t pulverise).
  • Cut open the packet, so one side is completely open.
  • Add the ingredients of choice (as listed above), and mix gently.
  • Grab a fork, and eat straight from the packet!

Minimal washing up.   Kids love it (and assemble their own, so you get some help).

And want to see another way to use those Doritos?  See it here

What is your favourite and fast camping meal?  Add it here now......