Camping Etiquette Part 2

If you have been camping, you may have been unlucky enough to come across people and behaviour which can make your trip unpleasant, frustrating or just plain infuriating

Blame it on lack of knowledge, lack of courtesy or anti social behaviour, but it can have you quietly (or loudly) fuming, and/or considering packing up and moving on.

We have encountered our fair share of such people and if you have visited our website you may have seen our Top 10 Camping Etiquette tips. That article is about being a good camper.

So we decided to ask our Facebook friends for their “pet hates” when camping, and we got some fantastic responses, some of which I had never thought of before.   

The most common grievances listed by you were:

1)  Use of generators
2)   Leaving rubbish behind at campsites for others to deal with

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Other poor camping etiquette listed included:

  1. Loud music at night, with a special mention regarding Country & Western
  2. Bathroom doors being slammed at night in a caravan park (and people going in and out of their mini-buses all night too).
  3. Waeco’s going anal on you  (that was a new one to me, so thanks to Sandi G for sharing that one)
  4. Fires in a total ban
  5. Dogs going through a camp especially at night (I have never had that happen to me, but it would be incredibly annoying)
  6. Idiots who bring generators, satellites, TV and Playstation / Xbox (and sure that means a generator to keep them running – so we have 2 pet hates rolled into one here)
  7. People taking short cuts through your campsite/inconsiderate neighbors/loud music (other campers just being rude and thoughtless was the most common theme)
  8. Young people who set up camp amongst families, and then drink themselves stupid 
  9. Women who are afraid to get themselves dirty when camping (this one made me laugh)
  10. Dirt bikes and things that go “bonk” in the night  (the “bonk” in the night sounds intriguing!!)
  11. Camping too close to others when there is plenty of space elsewhere  (reminds of being on a empty beach, and someone sets up right next to you, despite the beach being deserted)
  12. People that invite themselves to your camp and  you offer them a drink, and then they come back again expecting handouts (we have had children do this, with no parent anywhere in sight)

Big thanks to all those who contributed their comments about what they don’t like when camping.    

And if you have thought of another ‘pet hate’ when camping, its not too late to add yours below.