Carving it up for Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, and needing a pumpkin to go on display out the front of the house, I WAS using this pumpkin (see below) as inspiration (notice the nice camping theme going on).  


Three main problems I encountered:


1)  The pumpkins were really heavy

2)  I don't know how to carve a pumpkin (I did Google "how to" and was surprised that it is as hard as it looks)

3)  All the use of knives and my frenzy to create the perfect Jack-O-Lantern would, knowing my luck, result in injury;  I began to doubt if it really was the worth the effort?

This one below looks even trickier, as I have to hollow out  the entire thing as well as transforming it.


My son said "give the camping theme a miss".

His idea for a pumpkin is way more practical and easy apparently……..The Death Star.


So, this year, the front of our house looks like it will be pumpkin-less because like Halloween, maybe it’s an American tradition that us Aussies haven’t  mastered - yet.

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Do you celebrate Halloween?     Let us know below.


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