Ready, aim, campfire

colored flame 2

In keeping with the Halloween and camping theme for this month (see our suggestions on what to wear if camping on Halloween here), if you are planning on being around a campfire on 31 October (or actually any time), you might want to show everyone that your campfire is not an everyday sort of campfire.

Add some colour to your campfire!

How to do it?


You should be an adult, wear gloves and remember that you are dealing with chemicals, so act responsibly and carefully.   Don’t leave where children or pets can get to it.  Do it after you have finished cooking for the night.    Use your brain.

Get any of the following products, which you will add by throwing onto the fire one at a time.  The effect will be short lived but will impress the kids!

  • To create white flames, use Epsom salts. (supermarket or chemist)
  • To create yellow/orange flames (table salt)
  • To create purple flames, use water softener salt. (hardware store)
  • To create light green flames, use borax. (supermarket, near the cleaning products)
  • To create green flames, use copper sulphate (hardware store, sometimes in the gardening products area)
  • To create blue flames, use copper chloride (tricky one – used in firework displays)

Another method

Those people wanting longer lasting effects and are organised, you can get cupcake patty pans, add the chemical, pour melted wax over it, allow to set.     Then add that wax patty pan to the campfire.   

This method will result in longer lasting effects.

And yet another method

Or, if that all seems too hard, products like CampfireFX, or Blue Mystical Fire do it all for you – just add the item to the fire, and sit back and watch your fire change.

colored flame

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