My sleeping bag lied to me

Do you think your sleeping bag is not doing the job it was described to do?     

Not keeping you warm enough?  

You are not alone.   Mine failed me.

It’s a common problem, because whilst your sleeping bag might say “rated to –3 degrees”, chances are if the weather reactorx Sea to Summitgets down to zero, that sleeping bag may be a little on the chilly side.

When I was in –4 degree weather, my –8 degree sleeping bag failed me.  I had been pretty confident that I would be OK in these cold temps, even a little cocky!!   It turned out to be a  long night. 

On return home, I went looking for something to help me and restore my confidence that I could sleep in the colder weather.

We invested in a Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Liner.

We have the Extreme, which is meant to, and I stress meant to, increase sleeping bag performance by up to 25°F (14°C).

I think that’s a big call….NO WAY does it add that much to a sleeping bag!    I would say maybe 4°C??  Yes, I was a little warmer in it (and I am a cold sleeper), but not as warm as I hoped for.

But if you want
  • a liner (keeps your sleeping bag clean)
  • some extra warmth
  • use it as a sleeping bag itself in summer
then this could be something to invest in rather than purchase another sleeping bag.

Have you used this product?  Did it work for you?  Add a comment.