Running from my tent, half naked.

camping and lightning poster

We looked at the weather and it said “chance of thunderstorms”.     

Only a chance?

Not enough to put us off camping, because it probably wouldn’t happen anyway.    Those people who do the weather are always getting it wrong!      Maybe a little bit of rain, but when you are in a tent, that’s a pretty pleasant sound to hear above you.

So we climbed into our tents that warm night, confident that our tents would keep us dry.

Fast forward to 4.30am.

The distant rumble of thunder at 3.30am was not so distant anymore.   It was now loud and the tent was being lit up like a camera flash going off.      I was counting the seconds between the flash of light and the rumble of thunder to try and gauge how far away it was  (is that even a reliable method?).

When the thunder and lightning started to have less time between them, it was  time to go to Plan B – the car.

With pelting rain, booming thunder (why is it louder when you are out in the middle of nowhere?) and a sky show that would do any firework company proud, we ran to the car to wait it out.

As we sat in the car, we could ponder what we had left behind in the tent, and what would be lost should we be soooo unlucky to have lightning hit it?   

 My concerns – my iPhone and all my clothes, except what I had on (which was a little unattractive).     

So we watched and waited, and nothing happened. 

And yes, it would have been a way more exciting story if the lightning had hit our now-abandoned tent, and I could describe the horror of seeing my iPhone go up in smoke etc.   But the facts are:   the storm moved on, the rain stopped and we could return safely, albeit a little damp, to our tents.

The Bureau of Meteorology had gotten the conditions right.

Next time we might listen.

So, this seems like a timely moment to show you what you should do in a thunderstorm - Read about it at 10 tips to keep you safe in a thunderstorm.     Hopefully, this info could make you safer, wherever you are, when thunder roars.