Suck it up - Lifestraw Review

If you were on a hike or went camping remotely, do you know how you  could get safe drinking water should you be in an emergency situation?  (or hadn't brought enough with you).  Or do you want safe drinking water when you travel?

Then our Camping Gadget of the Week is something that could become a very valuable tool for you and everyone you camp/hike/travel with.   It is the Lifestraw.

Lifestraw camping gadget of the week
One of the best (and awarded) inventions around, it allows people to drink water straight from the source such as a river, creek, puddle, animal trough, wherever there is water (not seawater).

It is especially a great idea for hikers/campers who may want to use it as a back-up option should they be caught short of water.  

You can see why this product has been used for years in disaster zones and by the military, and continues to be given out in developing countries.  Now, its available to everyone.

How to use?


Just put the wide end into the water source and drink via the straw.  No need to get the water into a separate container for sterilising or wait for any period of time for sterilisation to occur (eg. no more boiling the water).

Measuring around 30cm, its small enough to fit in any pack and can withstand the squashing and rough play of my kids.

Want to learn more?   Then read the detailed information provided here.  Or watch this video to see it in action, and how simple it is.

See how easy this Camping Gadget of the Week is to use



It's really cheap.  Only $30 (purchase here)    When you think of other ways to purify water, and we should know, as we have some of them such as SteriPen (we paid around $120) or Katadyn Pocket Water Filter (was around US$350), then LifeStraw is a very inexpensive but equally effective way to get water.

The Camelbak All Clear Water Bottle which we have had on this blog before, costs around $100.  


Where can I get it?


LifeStraw is available from Survival Storehouse and they kindly provided a LifeStraw for us to try.   Survival Storehouse also has available a large range of emergency food and products, all of which can be used in an outdoor capacity (great for hikers and campers needing food that doesn’t go off).  

Our recommendation?


LifeStraw is definitely one Camping Gadget that will be going in our camping supply box. 

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