Nutella and Banana S’Mores


You might know that we didn’t have a hugely successful time replicating S’Mores.   You can read about Australian S’Mores here.

Not one to give up on a “meal” that involves chocolate, I have bravely persevered with my quest for S’Mores.    That’s the sort of person I am.    Brave…..when chocolate consumption is a possibility.

So, I have discovered something S’More-like, and you don’t need to go camping to enjoy it!      

So non-campers, you don't miss out on this yummy meal/snack/indulgence.

But if you happen to be at a campsite with all these ingredients, then this will make a yummy dessert to eat around the campfire.

Nutella and Banana S’Mores.




  • Peanut Butter Cookies    (recipe here)   OR    you can use Peanut Butter Cookies with Choc Chip  (recipe for these here)      OR   Just buy your favourite choc chip cookies, but they tend to be a bit flatter than home made.
  • Nutella
  • Banana
  • Toasted marshmallow (so it’s all soft & gooey)

To make:

With your biscuit/cookie, spread Nutella over one cookie (or on 2 cookies, depending on your Nutella intake).

Add sliced banana, and then add the toasted marshmallow (which comes straight from your campfire or heated over the gas burner on the stove at home). 

Press down gently with another cookie so it oozes across the banana.

Enjoy and prepare yourself for a bit of mess!!