Swinging in the breeze: Hammock Camping

Hammock tents are very popular right now.   Everyone seems to have one.

And of course, he-who-shall-not-be-named, has definitely jumped on this new trend, and has leapt at the opportunity to buy more gear to add to our list of stoves, tents, sleeping bags etc.

With summer in Australia approaching, it was “deemed” a must have purchase to give us more options for camping in warm weather, so the Hennessy Hammock was purchased (we got a free kids hammock with it too, so at least half the family is prepared).

This seemed to be the best hammock that met our needs, and is well regarded in the community.   

We will give a full review later, but here is the inaugural setting up of the adult hammock.

1.  Hammock gear (all fits in the bag provided).  


hennessy hammock camping kit

2.   Finding 2 trees


That is crucial step!   Finding 2 trees suitable for bearing your weight without damaging the trees themselves.

The hammock should be tied at a height that allows the hammock entrance to be like a chair when you sit down.

The farther apart the trees, the higher up on the tree you'll have to attach your webbing straps (picture above, on the far right).

Below, is hammock before its unrolled, but now attached to 2 trees.

hennessy hammock camping set up

hennessy hammock camping set up
Webbing straps on the tree.

3.   Time to unravel the hammock and take the snakeskins off.


hennessy hammock camping set up

hennessy hammock camping set up

Above photo, shows the snakeskins (the cover of the hammock when stored), pushed up the top of the hammock.    No worries about losing them as they are attached.  

4.    Hammock begins to take shape 


hennessy hammock camping set up

5.   Finished result 


(and time for a trial relaxation by everyone in the family – one at a time)

hennessy hammock camping

(above photo – view from inside the hammock)

inside hennessy hammock camping
Looking at the trees through the netting of the hammock.  No bugs in here with me!

And the children’s hammock was put up as well…….our child got some quality reading time in, swinging in the breeze.

With a bit of practice, I think we will get faster at set up.  Probably took around 10 minutes on our first go (and that was because of advance study of the best way to do it via Hennessy website, which definitely helped and is recommended if you are a novice to hammock camping).

And want to get some tips on hammock camping?   Then read our 7 tips we have found as newbies to hammocks!

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